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The new year is not

The new year is not unlike an old friend on a winter morning walk. 2:44 pm, 31 December 2012

Vigil at AKU

I submitted a poem for the Winter 2010 Issue of AKU‘s alumni newsletter and I’m very happy to see it there. Vigil at AKU There were long balconies before the small hostel rooms and it was barely light enough to see the heavy clouds drift before the sun could break another day. Another young man […]

Autumn Eve

The sun, a windfall red and cold, sets like an afterthought of last night’s precious rain. What creatures have not been here – and I have been with them – heavy of heart and lighter of years. That is how the savors of a circle hemmed in time may burn a long time, incessant like […]

The Seagram Murals

The muses in these murals are seams of days, the singing ones who do not stop the brink and second skins from staining sounds carmine, black looms from warping profuse poppies with sears – they knead expanse into ceaseless shape along the course of arks and bones, along the jaded side of light, they levitate […]

Beyond the effort

Beyond the effort that we stake is a new world called oblivion. 3:13 pm 30 July 2010

My home, my selfhood’s dream sleeps on a stage

My home, my selfhood’s dream sleeps on a stage made up of songs left by the words that flew along the windkept course they always knew as letters lifting off from page to page. I sight preambles immanent in age and even out the odds within the hue of sea and sky impelled to find […]


May the monsoon bring rain and happy frogs that sing mindless, mindless things. 3:51 pm 19 July 2010

Harmattan – The Doctor

Do we need exotic leaves to cerebrate our love? It is already taking root in the soil’s oblivion where everything remerges, from sallow swans to scribe. Who knows what blew whose temperament in yesterday’s upheaval, where a lovely dust storm rose around the brick kiln chimney smoke, as super scaffolding around insistent beams of billowing […]

Large Whites on M1

As they were, in my mother’s lawn, I see them whitening in wheatfields before harvest – on errand, on a motorway, in sunburned surprise. I could not sight flowers enough, or much proclivity in place. Where is the sign, and where the cool cloud and calm? Car wheels roll on tarmac worth a nebulous plane […]


I rose and counted the carnations, their numbers rising like their fragrance to the lungs of wasps and drones who know this sweetness – the knowing feat which is rewarded, and the favor outlasts the end of season. The hand I hold out is not so helpful; although my eyes brim with adoration, I pluck […]


A pollened afternoon, a distant call to prayers, crow and sparrow, sunbird and speech sleep in nectaries. It is so sweet, this surmise of sibilance, this grass-grown milkiness, such empty emptiness resounds a mansion, I, and you, a home. 1:18 pm 4 April 2010

Voksenåsen, Oslo - 18 February 2009


a[p]p[l]ause it’s not the [m][sc]ansion[s] [n]or an ancient [c][m]ode [bl][f][w]inding [f][v]ault with [anot]her it’s [h][n]ow the [g][ar][lan][d]s g[l]o[w][ing] and eyes [fl][m]eet[ing] [un]certain human [b][pl][w]ays we [dr]aw[e] a[n][d] [h][n][qu]ail[ment] [w]it[h] a [sc][r]olling [p][wh]eel [s]logans [c][h]old [h]and[s] [s]well up | but [w]here what [t]urn or ph[r]ase or sentience s[ome][ums up] sounds of words [fr][tr][w]ill of birds what […]

8 October 2005

There are walls in many homes on which some moss has grown to keep those imprints leaning along their lines and watch the birds fly past their inner years made of rooms and hills, their courses quake in tempered dust. The iris froze inside the day and took no note of its falling asleep with […]

Season’s Greetings

I wish to make a poem with the languor Of cool autumn, sleepy nights, and the Blessings we have learned and freed, Of easing around the stillest nest, Stretching and yawning – some call it sloth, But Sappho is now Sohni’s facebook friend, Coursing continents like a classmate Playing away with virtual doves next door. […]


Palm, a face, a frond, laces sap and song to bring the moon to fruition. 12:43 pm, 25 September 2009


Circles curl and leave along such lights and sounds as flee and crave the core. 11:09 pm, 23 September 2009


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