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Ghaffar Khan

Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan

Black beauty

Machu Picchu – Fawad Khan

Photos and captions by Fawad Khan

A musician's daughter

Folk Music of Our Lands

I attended a folk music event arranged by Umair Jaffar of IPAC Pakistan at Kuch Khaas. More than twenty folk artists were invited for a discussion of the challenges they face in the pursuit of music – a passion, profession and tradition at once, for all of them as I could hear in their heartfelt […]

Pariah Kite on a Neighbor’s Araucaria

Not only doves, even the kite population/comfort is increasing here – and I really like it. Look them in the eye, and they are significantly like us.

Dove on Clothes Line

I’ve observed that the dove population is definitely increasing in Rawalpindi/Islamabad. Raza Rumi remarked and wished that the same should happen in the establishment too. Dedicated to this beautiful thought, adorable bird and extended spring, this photograph is from the here and now – a few minutes ago before it started raining and hailing. It […]

The First of Spring

Nikon D40, Nikkor AF-S 18-200mm | Click images for larger view. | Photos by Taimur Khan


Time Is An Artist

The notion that only what is new and young is beautiful poisons our relationship to the past and to our own future. It keeps us from understanding our roots and the greatest works of our culture and other cultures. It also makes us dread what lies ahead of us and leads many to shirk reality… […]


Last Sunday

Nikon D60, 35mm f/1.8G AF-S DX | Click images for larger view.

A Girl in Hathian | Nikon D60, 35mm f/1.8G AF-S DX | Click image for larger view.

A Girl in Hathian

This girl, like a few other children in our village, was very amused to see me photographing doors, bolts and windows, my nephews and nieces, and so on. All of them were very eager to pose for portraits, and when I asked her if she would like to be photographed, she was delighted but also […]

I saw the sun set over Pindi/Islamabad today.

A Photoessay by Fawad Khan | The stills were shot with a Canon camcorder from Pir Suhawa.


Four rababs made by Khurram, grandson of Samandar Khan. They are the best rabab makers in Dabgari Bazar, Peshawar – or, what comes to the same thing, the best in the world.

Two Portraits

Photos by Taimur Khan

Daji & Maha

Photos by Taimur Khan | Eid in Hathian, 17 November 2010

Moth | Click image for larger view. | Photo by Taimur Khan

Oleander Hawkmoth


Serinus canaria

Milvus migrans govinda

Joshua Klein on the intelligence of crows

A Moth Story

Soon after sunset today, I noticed a moth under the porch light. I picked and held it gently in both hands and then let it fly off but it returned. Attraction of moths toward candlelight and subsequent searing – a symbol of self-oblivious passion – has inspired many fine lines of Urdu and Persian poetry. […]

The Lancet Podcast on Pakistan Floods

Zulfi Bhutta on the public-health crisis from the recent Pakistan floods, and Tony Nelson discussing rotavirus vaccination in Africa and Asia. Related Articles Pakistan’s floods: is the worst still to come?

Canary Day 1


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