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Raag Shankara – Taimur Khan

Raag Shankara – Taimur Khan

Sparrow  - Rajasthan, 19th Century

sarangi turned nine: Aftab’s Late Winter Collection‘s ninth birthday was on 28 January 2014. It has been observed that when parents are busy with their work or the kids are in the middle of their exams, birthdays are often postponed to a more convenient day, like a weekend or two later. Nothing of that sort was the case here since Aftab […]

Left to right: Muhammad Ajmal (tabla), Taimur Khan (sarangi), Muhammad Azam (vocals), Marta Sołek (suka), Maria Pomianowska (suka)

Poland–Pakistan: Sounds from two continents

Update – 11 March 2013: Full music CD “Poland-Pakistan: Sounds from two Continents” is available for free download. I would like to share two tracks from our pleasant collaboration with two Polish musicians/friends in November 2012. It was a great experience in very limited time: less than five days for rehearsals, concerts, recordings. The following […]

Raag Nat Bhairav – Taimur Khan

25 November 2011 | Sarangi: Taimur Khan | Tabla: Sarfaraz Anwar | Venue: Kuch Khaas| Organization: IPAC

Kuch Khaas: Concert 1


Raag Ramkali – Taimur Khan

Raag Ramkali – 9 July 2011 Sarangi: Taimur Khan | Tabla: Muhammad Ajmal | Surmandal: Suhaib Kiani Venue: Kuch Khaas, Islamabad, Pakistan An iPhone Production by Fawad Khan


Sarangi at Kuch Khaas

Raag Jaijaivanti [download] | Sarangi: Taimur Khan | Tabla: Muhammad Ajmal | 9 July 2011 | Venue: Kuch Khaas Photos: Courtesy of Umair Jaffar, IPAC Pakistan


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