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Graphing The History of Ideas

Some people do really nice work sometime. Got these graphs from here and here. Visit the aforementioned pages for details and closeups, and click the following images to download larger views.

Influential Thinkers

Influential Thinkers

A History of Philosophy

A History of Philosophy

Also take a look at The History of Western Philosophy.

An Old Sarangi from Rawalpindi

Thanks to my friend Ali Zafar, the old sarangi from Rawalpindi has been fully restored with skin, strings and missing pegs in Lahore. Lovely sound!

Click images for larger view. Photos by Taimur Khan

Sarangi nut

I increased the gut-string height by raising the nut with two PVC card strips.

Sarangi bridge

Adjusted the bass string height with a piece of PVC card.

Sarangi refurbished

Here she is – my birthday sarangi. :)

sarangi turned nine: Aftab’s Late Winter Collection

Sparrow  - Rajasthan, 19th Century

Sparrow – Rajasthan, 19th Century‘s ninth birthday was on 28 January 2014. It has been observed that when parents are busy with their work or the kids are in the middle of their exams, birthdays are often postponed to a more convenient day, like a weekend or two later. Nothing of that sort was the case here since Aftab had uploaded all this music in October 2012 and has been repeatedly asking me with great patience and cheerfulness that I should post it on the site. One and a half year is enough to earn one the title of the Master of Procrastination and to annoy even very good friends, but that is definitely not the case with Aftab who has the generosity and enthusiasm to share such musical gems in abundance with the world. Our other close friends who have participated in keeping this site going and the music flowing are, as you already know, Saadullah Bashir, Bilal Khan and Suhaib Kiani.

Aftab will be in Pakistan soon and Suhaib, I and others look forward to spending this weekend with him, play and listen to music, and celebrate and discuss the virtue of authenticity.

Best wishes and season’s greetings,


ay dil-e naa-aaqibat-andesh zabt-e shauq kar
kaun laa saktaa hai taab-e jalvah-e diidaar-e dost

oh heart thoughtless of consequences, control your ardor
who can find the power to bear the glory of the sight of the friend?


Abdul Latif Khan – Gorakh Kalyan
Ahmad Jan Thirakwa – Teentaal
Ali Akbar Khan – Puriya (Alap)
Allah Lok and Qamar Abbas – Pakhawaj (Duet)
Aman Ali Khan – Kedara (Tarana)
Amir Khan – Puriya (Live)
Arnab Chakraborty – Hameer
Azmat Hussain Khan -Darbari
Bai Sunderabai – Sindhura
Barkat Ali Khan – Woh Aa Ke Khwab Mein
Begum Akhtar – Kaise Katen Din Ratiyan
Chidanand Nagarkar – Bhairavi Bhairav
Dabir Khan – Malkauns
Fateh Ali Khan – Megh (Tarana)
Fayyaz Khan – Jaunpuri
Gajananrao Joshi – Shree
Habib Ali Beenkar – Bhairavi
Hafiz Ali Khan – Purvi
Hamid Hussain – Jog
Ijaz Hussain Hazravi – Khirad Mandon Se Kya Poochhon
Imrat Khan and Vilayat Khan – Jog
Joydeep Gosh – Behag (Sursringar)
A. Kanan – Hansdhuni
Karam Abbas – Bhopali (Lahore Music Forum, Karachi)
Khadim Hussain Khan – Behag (Alap and Dhammar)
Krishnarao Shankar Pandit – Desi Todi
Kumar Prasad – Chhayanat
Latafat Hussain Khan – Shankara
Majid Khan – Puriya Dhaneshree
Malini Rajurkar – Bhopali Todi
M. Hassan – Behag (Chatarang)
M. Kaleem – Woh Sar Khole Hamari Lash
Mohammad Saghiruddin – Shyam Kalyan (Radio Broadcast)
Moinuddin and Aminuddin Dagar – Lalit
Mubarak Ali – Kaushak Mukhi (Lahore Music Forum)
Mujadit Hussain – Kedara
Mushtaq Ali – Bhopali
Muzaffar Akbar Khan and Asad Qizilbash – Shree (PTV)
Natai Basu – Dhani
Nirmalguha Thakurata – Lalit
Pushparaj Koshti – Jaunpuri
Rahmat Ali Khan – Kafi
Rahmat Ali Khan – Bhairavi
Rais Khan – Rageshree
Rasiklal Andharia – Puriya Kalyan
Rasoolanbai – Chaiti Desi Todi (Piya Milan Hum Jayibo)
Ravikitchlu Khamaj (Thumri)
Roshan Ara Begum – Behag (78rpm)
Roshan Ara Begum – Shudh Sarang
Sadiq Ali – Shankara
Sadiq Hussain Pindiwalay – Tilang
Safdar Hussain Khan – Mishra Khamaj
Sain Ditta Qadri – Tilang
Sajjad Ali – Yad Piya Ki Aye
Nazakat Ali and Salamat Ali Khan – Adana (Radio Pakistan)
Saleem Hussain – Kalavati
Saptarshi Hazra – Purvi (Alap)
Sara Kazmi – Nilambari
Sharafat Hussain Khan – Ahir Bhairav
Siddheshwari Devi – Jhamak Jhuki Aayi
Umrao Bundu Khan – Puriya (Drut)
Vasant Rai – Bhairav
Wahid Hussain – Lakhon Key Bol (Dhun)
Wahid Hussain – Megh

The Music of Friedrich Nietzsche

The Music Of Friedrich Nietzsche (1991) | Full Album | Published on Jul 31, 2012

01. Allegro — 0:00
02. Hoch Tut Euch Auf — 2:30
03. Einleitung — 4:46
04. Phantasie — 6:10
05. Miserere — 7:50
06. Einleitung — 14:10
07. Einleitung — 15:30
08. Hüter, ist die Nacht Bald Hin? — 17:40
09. Presto — 18:50
10. Mein Platz Vor Der Tür — 19:29
11. Heldenklage — 21:14
12. Klavierstück — 23:02
13. Ungarischer Marsch — 25:06
14. Zigeunertanz — 26:42
15. Édes Titok (Still Und Ergeben) — 29:30
16. Aus Der Jugendzeit — 31:32
17. So Lach Doch Mal — 34:20
18. Da Geht Ein Bach — 36:00
19. Da Geth Ein Bach — 37:30
20. Im Mondschein Auf Der Puszta — 38:58
21. Mazurka — 40:12
22. Aus Der Czarda — 41:08
23. Das Zerbrochene Ringlein — 42:36
24. Albumblatt — 46:24
25. Wie Sich Rebenranken Schwingen — 49:12

Without music, life would be a mistake. – Friedrich Nietzsche.

Poland–Pakistan: Sounds from two continents

Left to right: Muhammad Ajmal (tabla), Taimur Khan (sarangi), Muhammad Azam (vocals), Marta Sołek (suka), Maria Pomianowska (suka)

Left to right: Muhammad Ajmal (tabla), Taimur Khan (sarangi), Muhammad Azam (vocals), Marta Sołek (suka), Maria Pomianowska (suka) | Photo credit: Omer K.’s Photography

Update – 11 March 2013: Full music CD “Poland-Pakistan: Sounds from two Continents” is available for free download.

I would like to share two tracks from our pleasant collaboration with two Polish musicians/friends in November 2012. It was a great experience in very limited time: less than five days for rehearsals, concerts, recordings. The following titles can be right-clicked and saved.

Happy New Year!

Sarangi–Suka Duet – improvisation in D minor & D harmonic minor

Lipa – Polish folk song

Maria Pomianowska: suka and vocals
Marta Sołek: bass/cello
Taimur Khan: sarangi
Muhammad Azam: vocals
Muhammad Ajmal: tabla
James Stephens: recording and production
Umair Jaffar: all arrangements in collaboration with the Polish Embassy, Islamabad.