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Raag Shankara – Taimur Khan

Raag Shankara – Taimur Khan

Sparrow  - Rajasthan, 19th Century

sarangi turned nine: Aftab’s Late Winter Collection‘s ninth birthday was on 28 January 2014. It has been observed that when parents are busy with their work or the kids are in the middle of their exams, birthdays are often postponed to a more convenient day, like a weekend or two later. Nothing of that sort was the case here since Aftab […]

The Music of Friedrich Nietzsche

The Music Of Friedrich Nietzsche (1991) | Full Album | Published on Jul 31, 2012 Tracklist 01. Allegro — 0:00 02. Hoch Tut Euch Auf — 2:30 03. Einleitung — 4:46 04. Phantasie — 6:10 05. Miserere — 7:50 06. Einleitung — 14:10 07. Einleitung — 15:30 08. Hüter, ist die Nacht Bald Hin? — 17:40 09. Presto — 18:50 10. Mein Platz Vor […]

Left to right: Muhammad Ajmal (tabla), Taimur Khan (sarangi), Muhammad Azam (vocals), Marta Sołek (suka), Maria Pomianowska (suka)

Poland–Pakistan: Sounds from two continents

Update – 11 March 2013: Full music CD “Poland-Pakistan: Sounds from two Continents” is available for free download. I would like to share two tracks from our pleasant collaboration with two Polish musicians/friends in November 2012. It was a great experience in very limited time: less than five days for rehearsals, concerts, recordings. The following […]

Jai Ram Jogi

Murali – Jai Ram Jogi

Murali: Jai Ram Jogi | Harmonium: Altaf Ali | Tabla: Mohammad Ajmal Recording: James Stephens | Arrangement: Umair Jaffar | Date: 11 April 2012 This video was shot by Taimur Khan for iPAC Pakistan with an iPOD touch. |

The Seventh Spring

Aftab Datta had promptly uploaded the following gems from his collection for the seventh anniversary of, and I am responsible for the tardiness of this post. Emerson says in Spiritual Laws, “If you visit your friend, why need you apologize for not having visited him, and waste his time and deface your own act? […]

Raag Nat Bhairav – Taimur Khan

25 November 2011 | Sarangi: Taimur Khan | Tabla: Sarfaraz Anwar | Venue: Kuch Khaas| Organization: IPAC

A Gathering of Holy Men of Different Faiths - Mir Kalan Khan  (active ca. 1730–80) | | Click image for larger view.

sarangi turns seven

{233,10}* dauRe hai phir har ek gul-o-laalah par khayaal .sad gulsitaaN nigaah kaa saamaaN kiye hu’e again thought runs on every single rose and tulip having made a hundred gardens measures for the gaze On this pleasant occasion, we want to thank all the friends and visitors of for their contributions, comments, appreciation and […]

Music training for the development of auditory skills

Music training for the development of auditory skills – Nina Kraus and Bharath Chandrasekaran Source: Auditory Neuroscience Laboratory, Northwestern University School of Communication

Sultan Khan (1940 – 2011) – Raag Sehra

Dr. Kashyap Dave has kindly shared the following recording and comments: Raag Sehra by Ustad Sultan Khan on sarangi: a tribute to my teacher Ustad Sultan Khan. This is the name given by him to this raag from the forbidden scale. Once he recorded this for radio & asked to cancel it saying it is […]

Art by Shahid Mirza


Art by Shahid Mirza Have you noticed how crows sound when weather nicens? I find it amazing!


Aftab Equinox

{169,10} lutf-e khiraam-e saaqii-o-zauq-e sadaa-e chang yih jannat-e nigaah vuh firdaus-e gosh hai the grace of the Cupbearear’s gait, and the relish of the lute’s sound this is a heaven of the eye; that, a paradise of the ear This music has been generously shared by Aftab Datta: it is the peculiar good fortune of […]

Kuch Khaas: Concert 1

Anqa | Islamic Medical Manuscripts at the National Library of Medicine

mudd’a anqa hai apne aalam-e taqrir ka – Ghalib

Anqa: A bird from Arabic story tradition, whose single defining trait is his not-there-ness. Whenever you try to catch him, he’s gone. — Frances Pritchett For a detailed discussion of this ghazal, please visit Frances Pritchett’s site.


Raag Ramkali – Taimur Khan

Raag Ramkali – 9 July 2011 Sarangi: Taimur Khan | Tabla: Muhammad Ajmal | Surmandal: Suhaib Kiani Venue: Kuch Khaas, Islamabad, Pakistan An iPhone Production by Fawad Khan


Sarangi at Kuch Khaas

Raag Jaijaivanti [download] | Sarangi: Taimur Khan | Tabla: Muhammad Ajmal | 9 July 2011 | Venue: Kuch Khaas Photos: Courtesy of Umair Jaffar, IPAC Pakistan

A musician's daughter

Folk Music of Our Lands

I attended a folk music event arranged by Umair Jaffar of IPAC Pakistan at Kuch Khaas. More than twenty folk artists were invited for a discussion of the challenges they face in the pursuit of music – a passion, profession and tradition at once, for all of them as I could hear in their heartfelt […]

Theremin & Chesnokov

I discovered the theremin yesterday via Aftab Datta and Chesnokov today via Michael Polevoy. The theremin, originally known as the aetherphone/etherophone, thereminophone or termenvox/thereminvox is an early electronic musical instrument controlled without discernible physical contact from the player. It is named after its Russian inventor, Professor Léon Theremin, who patented the device in 1928. The […]

Bach for Breakfast – Flute Sonata in G minor

C. P. E. Bach – Sonata for Flute in G minor, BWV 1020, 1st mvt Allegro; Flute, Harp, Cello [download file] We first came across this piece quite by accident when I asked a friend to download some harp music on his desktop. I’ve had the most soothing associations with it for over a decade. […]

Soona Soona Jeewan Apna – Alamgir

Somehow, came across it for the first time the day Moin Akhtar died.


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