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The Seventh Spring

Aftab Datta had promptly uploaded the following gems from his collection for the seventh anniversary of, and I am responsible for the tardiness of this post. Emerson says in Spiritual Laws, “If you visit your friend, why need you apologize for not having visited him, and waste his time and deface your own act? […]

The Art of Living – Stanford Humanities

“In The Art of Living, a first-year Introduction to the Humanities course, three humanities professors examine great works of philosophy and literature to explore what it might take to lead a well-lived life.” — Stanford Humanities 1. Introduction to The Art of Living 2. Visions of Love 3. It is Not Hard at All to […]

A Gathering of Holy Men of Different Faiths - Mir Kalan Khan  (active ca. 1730–80) | | Click image for larger view.

sarangi turns seven

{233,10}* dauRe hai phir har ek gul-o-laalah par khayaal .sad gulsitaaN nigaah kaa saamaaN kiye hu’e again thought runs on every single rose and tulip having made a hundred gardens measures for the gaze On this pleasant occasion, we want to thank all the friends and visitors of for their contributions, comments, appreciation and […]

Section from a Quran Manuscript, 18th century Morocco or Tunisia. Ink, opaque watercolor, and gold on paper. | via | Click image for larger view.


“it is as difficult to present a fixed image of a character as of societies and passions. For a character alters no less than they do, and if one tries to take a snapshot of what is relatively immutable in it, one finds it presenting a succession of different aspects … to the disconcerted lens” […]

Art by Shahid Mirza


Art by Shahid Mirza Have you noticed how crows sound when weather nicens? I find it amazing!

Anqa | Islamic Medical Manuscripts at the National Library of Medicine

mudd’a anqa hai apne aalam-e taqrir ka – Ghalib

Anqa: A bird from Arabic story tradition, whose single defining trait is his not-there-ness. Whenever you try to catch him, he’s gone. — Frances Pritchett For a detailed discussion of this ghazal, please visit Frances Pritchett’s site.

Creativity & Mental Illness

nah puuchh be-khudii-e aish-e maqdam-e sailaab kih naachte haiN paRe sar bah sar dar-o-diivaar don’t ask about the self-lessness of the enjoyment of the coming of the flood for/since they dance, fallen, end to end– doors and walls {58,9} Ghalib Even if there are connections between creativity and madness, it does not mean that madness […]

Islam – Illustrations & Calligraphy

“The verses, calligraphed in black but outlined in red, are written in Persian.” My god, if the entire universe should be blown by wind Let not the light of fortune be extinguished And if the entire universe should become flooded with water Let not the mark of the unfortunate be washed away! Source & Description: […]

Mother’s Day

Marcello – Oboe Concerto in C minor – Adagio Carnations – In Memory of my Mother, 1941—2010

‘Art’ by Yasmina Reza

Set in Paris, the story revolves around three friends—Serge, Marc and Yvan—who find their previously solid 15-year friendship on shaky ground when Serge buys an expensive painting. The canvas is white, with a few white lines. Serge is proud of his 200,000 franc acquisition fully expecting the approval of his friends. Marc scornfully describes it […]

Bach for Breakfast – Flute Sonata in G minor

C. P. E. Bach – Sonata for Flute in G minor, BWV 1020, 1st mvt Allegro; Flute, Harp, Cello [download file] We first came across this piece quite by accident when I asked a friend to download some harp music on his desktop. I’ve had the most soothing associations with it for over a decade. […]

Kausa Ragaputra: Music For After Midnight

The rise of the Mughal Empire (1526-1858 CE) called for the subjugation of numerous small states that had existed in India before the sixteenth century. Some of these principalities were already Muslim, while others, like those ruled by the warrior Rajput caste in northern India, belonged to a native Hindu heritage. Situated at the foothills […]

Calligraphy by Dara Shikoh

Calligraphy by Darah Shikoh

1 April 2011. I have obtained an Urdu translation of this piece of calligraphy through the kind help of India’s ambassador to Ukraine, His Excellency Mr. Jyoti Pande, who contacted the Afghan embassy there to decipher the text. The sixteenth and seventeenth centuries witnessed a growing interest in art and the art of collecting in […]

Islamic Art from the Khalili Collections

The sort of art that can possibly cause Stendhal syndrome – with Raag Darbari on flute to set a suitable backdrop of an ecstasy suffused with great calm. In the winter of 2010/2011, De Nieuwe Kerk in Amsterdam will present highlights from one of the world’s most renowned collections of Islamic art. Passion for Perfection […]

Folio from Akhlaq-I Nasiri

This painting comes from one of the favourite manuscripts of Akbar (r. 1556-1605 CE), the Akhlaq-i Nasiri (Ethics of Nasir), a philosophical treatise on ethics, social justice and politics by the thirteenth-century mediaeval Persian philosopher and scientist, Nasir al-Din Tusi (d. 1274 CE). This folio (149r) may demonstrate the importance of knowledge as a form […]


— {131,7} hai rang-e laalah-o-gul-o-nasrii;N judaa judaa har rang me;N bahaar kaa i;sbaat chaahiye the color of tulip and rose and eglantine is each one separate in every mood/aspect/’color’, a proof of spring is needed —

The World of Khubilai Khan

Source: The World of Khubilai Khan – Chinese Art in the Yuan Dynasty © 2000–2010 The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

A Facebook Account

— On a serious note, I like facebook as it, among other things, even opens up a world of communities (pages, groups, etc.) and individuals I’m interested in but would not have otherwise come across and communicated or stayed in touch with after school, college and so on. I imagine a lot of people, if […]

Night Herons in Afterlife

Watching herons stand motionless beside a lake at night has been one of my pastimes. The night herons with their crests flowing in the breeze are particularly mesmerizing. They barely move unless they spot their prey in water, take a step forward, and most often capture it with a precise stroke. I would spend several […]

The Seagram Murals

The muses in these murals are seams of days, the singing ones who do not stop the brink and second skins from staining sounds carmine, black looms from warping profuse poppies with sears – they knead expanse into ceaseless shape along the course of arks and bones, along the jaded side of light, they levitate […]


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