Sarangi at Kuch Khaas

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Raag Jaijaivanti [download] | Sarangi: Taimur Khan | Tabla: Muhammad Ajmal | 9 July 2011 | Venue: Kuch Khaas

Photos: Courtesy of Umair Jaffar, IPAC Pakistan

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  1. Kamran Ahsan Nagi · · Reply

    Very very nice….the sarangi sounds beautiful!! keep it up.

  2. Thank you, Billy and Kamran! I’m also playing Miyan Malhar these days.

  3. shahikhel · · Reply

    Der Der Der Kha. Abaad usay! Khushaala usay!

    1. Dera mehrabaani. There’s not much like learning and sharing music!

  4. The sarangi sounds really beautiful. Thank you for sharing this — and please do share more!

    1. Thank you for the kind words. I will definitely share more with time.

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