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Four rababs made by Khurram, grandson of Samandar Khan. They are the best rabab makers in Dabgari Bazar, Peshawar – or, what comes to the same thing, the best in the world.

8 thoughts on “Rabab

  1. fazal khan

    Hi I am realy intrested to buy one of your best rabab can you please give me the price including postage cost to uk THANKS

  2. hussain

    Assaam o Alaikum
    my name is Hussain from Karachi. sir I want to buy a rabab please guide me which rabab should be best for me. I want to learn classical rabab for that purpose I want to buy it. Which one will be the best one for me.
    kindly tell me about prices of rabab and also tell me about the best wood for rabab.

  3. Baseer

    Khurram is also a good rabab maker. But the best rabab maker in all pakistan is Marwat and Hazrat rabab maker in sufaid sang. Famous rabab players like gulab,waqar atal,amjad malang etc they are all making rababs on Marwat and Hazrat.


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